In school, we learn to write and read, the foundation of our achievements and whose interest no one can deny. No one disputes that school is very important and gives us both knowledge and helps to build us as individuals. However, entrepreneurship teaches us lessons that cannot be taught in business school or university. Entrepreneurs learn from their experiences that make them valuable. Here are 7 lessons higher education cannot teach you.

Overcome misconceptions

Many French students hope to pass their exams with the minimum score required to advance to the next level. Sometimes students aim for that average grade instead of just the perfect grade because they can have the same degree with half the effort. In the world of entrepreneurship, this average does not exist. The rule is simple: Either you are the best (or one of the best), or your business will end.

Good grades are no longer the criterion of success

The reputation of some schools can help you deal with investors or banks. But in reality, although your average at HEC Paris may be 18/20, if your business doesn’t grow, your track record will be of no use to you. Having a diploma is just a paper that proves that during a certain period of time you were able to pass several exams, take courses and pay for a school and that allowed you to gain knowledge and skills. The entrepreneur learns that a business plan that works will become his diploma of success.

You are the only one who can find the path to success

There is no one to take care of you and make decisions for you. The path you took in college and the program you pursued will not guarantee you success. You have to forge your own path to success. If you have decided to become an entrepreneur then you are already on the road to success.

No one is stuck in the same box

Higher education is often regarded as the perfect place to find out what we really want to do with our professional lives. In fact, many graduates do something completely different from their original background. Imagine that it takes us 7 years to study, change orientation and be competent in one field, so an 80 year old will only have 11 opportunities to change in his lifetime. Knowing that he’s finishing his his bachelor’s degree at 23, he’ll only have 5 opportunities to convert, which is absurd. Entrepreneur believes in himself and knows that he can learn and create whatever he wants on his own.

Being a workaholic sucks

Being a workaholic is often well regarded. Sleepless nights, sleeping at work or studying till the last minute, these things are useless and stupid. Workaholics create more problems than they solve. They like to feel like indispensable people. They work to the point of complete exhaustion, in which they are no longer able to make quality decisions, nor do the work and tasks that are really worth it. It is never wise to make important decisions in the face of fatigue. Workaholics are not heroes. The real hero is the one who finds the fastest way to get things done.

Avoid copying

Sometimes copying can be part of the learning process, such as an art school student reproducing a painting in a museum. When you’re a student, this kind of imitation can be a useful tool on your way to discovering your own path. Unfortunately, copying is generally harmful in the business world. You have to understand why something works or why something doesn’t. When you copy and paste a concept, you remember the essence and lessons of that concept. So much of the work of a creator is invisible. Copying gives no essence, no understanding, and nothing concrete about future decisions. Also, if you are a copycat, you can never survive because you are always in a passive state. This is not the way to live. Entrepreneur learns to be inspired by what he sees but copy and paste should always be avoided.

Nobody is perfect!

Don’t be afraid to show your shortcomings. The flaws are real and people are sensitive to them. That’s why we love real flowers that fade, not perfect plastic ones that never change. Don’t worry about how you’re supposed to sound and how you’re supposed to act. There is beauty in imperfection. You might not look as professional as you’d like, but you’ll look a lot more authentic.

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