Owning a website for your own VSE or SME requires minimum effort to ensure its visibility. In the jargon of the web, this position corresponds to “context”. Search engines, and primarily Google, regularly announce new algorithms as well as new updates. To closely monitor the SEO of a website, here are some online tools that can be very effective.

Inspire people to visit your website

The content of a website remains essential. The written text should be clear and make you want to come back to visit the web page. Colorful, pleasant images should accompany and not pollute the Internet user’s journey. The website is often the first contact between the customer and the company. That’s why it is necessary to think about how to take care of this “identity card” of the company so that your site is not taken away from Internet users.

To reference your site

The famous Google search engine offers its “Google Suggest” tool to Internet users. The latter suggests a list of keywords that are interesting to use in your pages to be well positioned. Also, it is interesting to use “agent web ranking” software.

Apart from SEO analysis, this software provides a reliable and complete position study. Very successful, it also allows you to compare yourself to your competitors and includes the latest updates from search engines each time (up to 72 hours after changes take effect). is an inexpensive and easy-to-use SEO software designed to support companies that want to put their sites on top of Google. With a subscription formula, it is a professional solution that is very accessible and much less expensive than an SEO agency. Even without being an SEO professional, you can manage the key priorities yourself to improve the visibility of your site. The software audits your pages, tells you their optimization rates and above all gives you, click by click, all the advice you need to make these changes.

A full audit for improvements in the context of

Whether after updating the search engines or modifying the structure of a site (the famous h1, h2 tags) which are used for Internet users to structure texts but to enhance its natural context are also used for , an audit SEO technique can come in handy for . The most complete site is “RM Tech (MyRankingMetrics)”. It makes it possible to detect technical errors and indicates improvements to be made to raise the level of its reference.

Monitor its status

Once the site is optimized, it is necessary to follow the development of the situation. Many online solutions offer this study and “webposition” in particular. This site in English, easy to use, offers the possibility to follow variations and understand the impact and take into account of keywords by different search engines.

The free and interesting solution comes from “Google” . It’s famous “Analytics” is a technical tool used to analyze a website’s audience in real time and accurately measure internet users’ interest for a website. Detailed reports provide a clear overview of trends and highlight the attractive potential of the analyzed site.

There are a plethora of tools to analyze and help you optimize web referencing. Remember to stay informed frequently about the latest news on the web, to adapt to the variations of the net and to modify your site according to your needs.

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