As a business, having a presence on the Internet becomes essential. Buyers are increasingly shopping online. Building a website becomes almost imperative, especially for getting leads in BTOB.

Developing a website makes it possible to attract new people, but also makes it possible to inform your current customers about your products and services. If it is well designed, your website will allow you to convert your professional prospects into customers with the right strategy.

Do you plan to seduce other companies? Find out everything you need to know about building a B2B website to get visibility on Google.

What is B2B website?

The term B2B or Business to Business makes it possible to refer to any product or service that is created by one company for another.

As a result, a B2B website can be of various formats: whether it is a blog, a company page or a means of sharing a contact sheet. There is something for everyone.

In fact, the forms may differ, but the goal remains the same. These companies can be customers, future business partners, but also competitors. It is therefore essential to keep it simple and share only the information needed for the sale or placement.

What are the objectives of your B2B website?

The main purpose of B2B website is to give the image of the company to other groups, if it is a showcase site or to grow your sales by getting leads to generate conversions in the framework of online buying or e-commerce site.

The more work that is done on a page, the more it will be able to consider other issues and other purposes. Most of the sites you can find will be for informational purposes. Through the tab, you can learn more about the identity of the company, its terms of service and its terms.

However, some marketing techniques can also be successful in attracting unfamiliar businesses and converting them into customers. It is thus essential to centralize all the information on the pages to be clear and to facilitate purchases. The quantity requested is not the same for one person, so you need to think about grouping your offers on the same page.

Many companies use their web pages as a means of communication and aim to share their activity in real time with other groups that follow the site. This is main the role of the blog or press release part. Be careful, however, as these tabs must be constantly updated to make the site dynamic and attractive.

The purpose of keeping the company in mind is to project a good image. It is also a means of being able to convince all the people who will consult the pages because of your site being in the image of the group. Unlike a B2C site that wants to sell online, it will be possible to get in touch.

What tools should I use to build a B2B website?

Designing a website requires specific skills to meet the expectations of your visitors. The design, the materials, the buying process, nothing should be left to chance if you want to give a pleasant experience to your customers and prospects.

If you want to start building a B2B, you will be able to build a website yourself with dedicated tools like WordPress or Wix. This will require a little work writing the content of your pages, working on the natural context to rank your site on Google, and mastering the CMS you choose.

Otherwise, you can call in experts in the field who will be able to assist you. Discover all possible options now: web agency, freelancers, turnkey solutions!

Use an online site building platform

To be able to design your own B2B site, you’ll need to go to a platform like or WordPress to set up your domain. After being able to create an account and perform the main settings, you will be able to customize your pages.

It is thus very easy to add content or base yourself on templates to create a site that suits you. This is a great way for you to build your internet presence very quickly as these tools are very easy to learn and quite intuitive. Only your creativity matters and your mind will be your limit as it is possible to do whatever you want on your company web page.

Surround yourself with qualified professionals

It is also an excellent idea to hire someone knowledgeable in the field as they benefit from the expertise that will be felt in their work.

You can find dozens of freelance web developers with varied experiences who will be very happy to work with you.

In addition, a part around optimization can also be addressed because they are people who are used to such requests: so their aim is to make your website successful among others.

So, if you are not very comfortable with this theme, it is the best way to access one or more pages that are well crafted.

The service offering is extensive and you can benefit from multiple quotes at very attractive prices!

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