A few simple yet effective actions can allow you to significantly improve your company’s cyber security. It has been observed that a good portion of breaches are often due to negligence or lack of information. Sometimes it is enough to educate your employees so that your company is better protected than it already is. Zoom in on some reflexes that everyone within your company should have.

Keep the original password

Often the password is very easy to guess. Most people are content to create a name that is easily remembered with their name, maiden name or even their date of birth. Passwords should typically contain eight characters, but to be effective it is strongly recommended that they include upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols such as #.

Another bad trend is to want to use the same password everywhere. In order to prevent all your accounts from falling victim to the same in case of hacking, you are strongly advised to switch your accounts from one account to another. Educating your employees about not leaving the password anywhere around is an excellent practice, especially when they put it on Post-Its in front of their computers with identifiers.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi

When you don’t have your usual access, the tendency is to use those that are available and especially those that are free and public. Be careful though because some cyber criminals don’t hesitate to make their crimes at places like railway stations to get your personal information. In the event that you find yourself forced to access the free internet, you should be very careful not to disclose information that could compromise your security. Obviously, avoid all online payments in such a situation.

Using a VPN

VPN is another tool in the fight against cybercrime. By protecting your files and personal data with the anonymity it gives to your connection. It encrypts your data and makes it unusable even if someone gets unauthorized access to it.

But how does it work? Normally when you connect, you use your service provider (ISP). The VPN will ensure that your traffic goes through a VPN server which will encrypt your data and ensure that your IP address is no longer exposed.

Сecure your network

It may sound obvious, but the first action you can take is to filter out people who access your network by using a firewall or antivirus. It is also a question of urging your employees to be cautious and therefore not to open anything to anyone. It is important for everyone to be aware that by opening attachments, images or videos, they can put the company at risk. That’s why it’s essential to verify that the sender is the right person, especially by looking carefully if the email doesn’t contain any spelling errors or suspicious links that your sender may have created themselves. For example, the presence of an extra digit can alert you. Note that security strongly depends on the behavior of network users and sometimes training or even implementation of a security policy can prove to be a life saver.

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