Some management software is fundamental to the proper functioning of a business. In terms of salary processing, payroll software is of great importance. It is an IT tool needed to automate the payroll process and therefore optimize the management of human resources within the company.

Payroll Software: An Essential Tool for Business Management

Payroll software is an essential tool for SMEs and VSEs. It automates the collection, processing and calculation of payroll data as well as all administrative processes. Its purpose is to prepare the payment slip as per the social law and the personal status of the employee.

Payroll software simplifies the processing of “human resources” processes in the context of payroll management, from recruitment to the departure of employees. It can be installed on a workstation or you can opt for SaaS software or online payroll software.

Online payroll software

The software is installed on the host’s server. Most often, the user pays the subscription. Wherever you are, according to Apogee, online payroll software gives you the benefits of:

  • Prepare your payroll online from your web browser
  • Take advantage of the high level of security for your payroll data,
  • Take advantage of regular backups of your payroll data,
  • Take advantage of automatic updates to your online payroll software,
  • Complete your social announcements like DSN.

One of the great benefits of online payroll software is that you’ll stay compliant by automatically updating to legal and regulatory changes. So now you won’t need to take any steps. Online payroll software integrates all the modifications. It is pre-configured so that you can use it even without great knowledge of payroll management.

No matter the size of your business, online payroll software is a huge help. This allows you to save a lot of time by automating tasks with little added value. You also optimize the working hours of HR teams. It also helps make your payroll more reliable as you avoid the risk of human errors. The productivity gains associated with reduced administrative tasks also lead to significant savings.

Software on the workstation

It is software that is physically installed on the company’s servers and licensed from the publisher. Advantage of a software on the workstation is that you are not dependent on a service provider. However, you must ensure that your software is updated as well as its complete configuration, which requires specific skills. You should also back up your data frequently so that you don’t end up helpless in case of a problem.

What are the Features of Payroll Software?

The company must first assess its needs and define a budget. Then the most suitable management software presented on this site should be selected.

Basic functionality

As part of payroll software, some require basic functionalities and others provide greater flexibility and mastery of payroll functions. In most cases, the simultaneous management of personnel administration and payroll within a single tool is simplified. To facilitate the work of HR teams and ensure payroll is produced in accordance with the law, choose a payroll management tool that includes:

  • Payroll data accessible at any time
  • Salary calculation
  • Calculation and collection of SAP (tax withholding)
  • Version of payment slip
  • Production of Various Mandatory Social Announcements
  • Production of mandatory documents
  • Payroll reporting and control documents

Salary is calculated as per applicable legal rates and variable elements such as overtime, sick leave, unpaid leave. Your payroll software should be able to process this and mention the mandatory items on the pay slip.

Editing of payment slip has been made simple. This should be sent to the employee and the entire pay slip is simply placed at his disposal. With this kind of software, the employer should be able to give the employee a dematerialized payment slip (without prior consent from the latter).

Other essential features

Payroll software should allow for making announcements for social administration such as DSN (Nominative Social Declaration). Another essential functionality is the production of various mandatory documents associated with entry/exit: employment contract, any account balance and employment certificate.

In order to monitor payroll and study various essentials, your payroll software must have control functions. These include production of control reports and editing of HR dashboards.

Payroll software will be very useful and will Simplify and optimize the work of the company’s HR team.

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