When one wishes to start his business and make it credible and develop his notoriety, the question of choosing one or the other or building both together arises. While many of the purposes are similar for them, there are differences in their effects. Blog or website, what are the differences between these two tools and which one to choose to promote your business quickly?


Blogs bring together communities that spontaneously come together and establish bonds of trust that prove to have a strong impact on consumers. Creating a blog can only be done with a well studied strategy and participating in a blog also requires mastering your communication or runs the risk of being penalized one day. Creating a site or blog is now in vogue among entrepreneurs. Some people choose a website to make their mark while others choose a blog.


Being more easily accessible and deploying an activity beyond its limits are strategies that should not be overlooked for the success of your business. It has become almost necessary to communicate the image of the company through the web to facilitate the growth of your business.

The selection should be made in accordance with well-defined objectives, in particular the service or product offered by the company, and the utility for the company in particular. The choice is not limited to these criteria. You also need to take into account the needs of search engines like Google. Website or blog, which is more effective for natural context?

Why choose Blog?

Derived from the portmanteau “web log”, blog resembles a web log, journal or diary. It is mainly used to promote articles and posts in a chronological manner. Content management does not require extensive training or knowledge and manipulation of computer languages. As a result, the use of a webmaster is not required to perform the publications. The blog provides a more stable information page, although readers have the option of adding content through their comments as a way to get more keywords into search engines.

The tool makes it possible to share content on social networks, usually by email, to automatically notify readers. The value of a blog depends on the quality of the content: the inclusion of reliable and varied information reinforces the notoriety of the company. The disadvantage of the blog lies in the impossibility of creating some modules and therefore developing it beyond certain functions.

Why is website important?

Similar to a book, it is a set of bound pages. The content of a website makes it possible to preserve the visual identity of the company with graphic charters, text, images, photos, drawings, video, sound… There are two types of websites:

  • Static websites (often called showcase sites) have static content, made up of pages that don’t need to be developed and users are not able to interact
  • Dynamic websites contain data that can be mutable or changeable. They use client-side or server scripting to generate mutable content

To be well designed, a website must meet clearly identified needs. It is possible to determine the functioning of the website according to its mission: represent, sell, inform, share, work, sell. Unlike a blog, a website is more complex and requires a bit more budget, an online publication, a host. It has the huge advantage of being customizable, being able to grow and having a web address under the direct name of the company, which strengthens the credibility of the company.

Blog and website together for a successful natural context

It’s not enough to impose a site or blog build compared to the competition. The most important thing to impose yourself on the web is to reach the first place in search engine results. A better position depends on the feedback of the site or blog owner and his work on SEO in particular. Be it a site, a blog or both, the most important thing is to know how to manage them properly for best results.

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