It’s not so hard to build a digital business site! But the tough part is how to make it a rising star with a lot of satisfied costumers. Beware of the traps that await you on the web! Here are 10 mistakes not to make when starting your own digital business.

All by yourself

A website is a huge platform that requires a lot of knowledge in many areas. Do not overestimate yourself! It is better to approach an external service provider rather than neglect some aspects.

Not providing enough money

There are many direct and indirect costs involved in building a website, which are often overlooked. This includes hosting, staff, advertising… If you don’t plan wisely, you will find yourself in debt or out of money before your platform even launches.

Concerned about competitors

One site attracts many visitors, including competitors! They will try to identify what works for your business planet and adapt it. Don’t give in to panic and remember that there is no reason for your loyal visitors to leave you if you continue to act the same way.

Using too many “gadget” services

There are many tools to facilitate the creation and management of web spaces. However, be careful not to go overboard. This can ruin the user experience of your site, lengthen page load times and increase the number of errors.

Not listening your first visitors

At the beginning of your cyber-experience, every Internet user who visits your site will be invaluable. Don’t hesitate to ask them for feedback: Set up a questionnaire to find out what improvements they’d like to see on your platform.

Not making it easy for visitors

Be sure to smooth out the route that leads the visitor to your goal. If you hope to be contacted, highlight your contact information. Internet users do not have to think to find what they are looking for. Feel free to provide a call-to-action button.

Stealing ideas from other sites

It seems normal to imitate the trendy things. Proposing never works without improving an already existing concept. Don’t forget that Internet users are loyal to their habits and they will not leave their favorite site if you don’t offer them something better.

Thinking only of the benefits

The Internet can bring you a lot, it is a fact. You have to focus primarily on the development of your business to get the fruits of your labor. Going forward for the sole purpose of generating buzz or raising as much money as possible leads to failure.

Ignoring opinions

You will face a lot of criticism. That doesn’t mean your concept is bad. So think about how to implement the good ideas and thank the internet users who gave them to you. This will make them feel that you are listening to them.

Undermining internet media

If the Webb is often considered a good genius who grants all wishes, then this is certainly a myth. In March 2021, there were no less than 1.84 billion sites. The web and numbers in the world continue to grow, and only a few hundred are known around the world. Staying realistic and moving at your own pace is the best way to take full advantage of this environment.

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