Names of new technologies are flying in. Companies are stepping up their efforts to participate in the innovation and logically, the trend is going well at the end of 2022 and the year 2023 is the prelude. So the world of technology goes by for many decades now.

On this topic, what are the trends in the tech world in 2022 that could improve in the coming months or what is expected to happen in 2023?

The metaverse

Although it is not in any way related to virtual reality or the Internet, a “metaverse” is simply a virtual world that is possible thanks to the advancement of technologies, as was the case with virtual reality and the Internet.

The exciting new word is on the lips of all tech fans and other novelty geeks. Thanks to recent developments in technology, everything has changed in the entertainment world. Video games are no longer played the way they used to be, movies are watched in a much more immersive way than before, and the same goes for gambling.

On many global mobile casino platforms, for example, everything suggests that you are in a real casino, immersed in the comfort of your own home. The possibility to manage multiple parameters also ensures a perfect experience customized for everyone.

Connected to this fickle world, the metaverse Will be one of the big developments of 2023 and should go further in the coming months.

New car infotainment system

We know how much car makers appreciate new technologies and often gadgets of all kinds. By entering into a tie-up with a few global companies that have a well-established reputation, Apple has taken a significant step in the world of technology and automobiles.

With its new version of CarPlay expected in 2023, the California firm will offer you the opportunity to fully expand your infotainment system by allowing you to manage a multitude of vehicle parameters, beyond just general entertainment, from the CarPlay system. Speed ​​display, air conditioning management and other general aspects for the driver Can now be done via CarPlay.


The notion isn’t unanimous, especially with Elon Musk but it’s clear that the third generation of the Internet is growing with some enthusiasts, while others are outright raving about it. With the return of the World Wide Web the idea is simple, namely a fully decentralized internet based on blockchain, a concept that is well known to cryptocurrency users.

It remains to be seen whether the main tech groups will be for or against this progress to determine whether Web 3 will indeed be one of the strong trends of 2023.

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