In a world where competition is increasing, where well-established norms have blurred and habits are questioned, leaders are looking for a compass to guide them and warns them of dangers. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are widely used in the fields of management, marketing, advertising and even measurement and analysis of a website’s audience. That’s why KPIs have become essential to analyze the impact of your web tools (site, newsletter, blog, etc.).

For a website or a blog, analysis of clicks on links presented to an Internet user can bring up valuable information regarding traffic and visitors’ centers of interest. This is an opportunity to determine which areas or topics attract the most people and trigger the most responses. Based on the audience achieved, editorial and publishing policy can be updated and adapted to demand. In the case of a mailing letter, measuring the number of clicks on the various links it contains will make it possible to assess not only its audience, but also generate traffic to the original site and thus increase its audience.

Measure the number of conversions

It involves measuring the number of commercial contacts and orders or contracts that a means of communication (site, newsletter, social network, etc.) can generate. The purpose of publishing content and distributing it to prospects is to actually generate order. Regularly updating an indicator related to the number of conversions of indirect contacts into commercial contacts allows to refine the strategy of information dissemination, and in particular commercial or technical information about the company in particular.

Number of subscribers, “followers”, etc.

The number of subscribers to a site or a newsletter, Twitter’s “followers”, etc. is a valuable indicator related to the quality of the published information and its interest to the target audience. This number should keep increasing. If it is not, and you are losing subscribers, it is because the published material, its form or its periodicity is not suitable. It is therefore necessary to re-adapt the offer to the target population to meet its demand to improve and reverse the trend.

Community Involvement

You publish articles, information, advertisements on one or more sites on social networks. It is interesting to study the number of returns. Do articles get a lot of comments, are there more positive or negative reactions, are they shared? This indicator will make it possible for a community to respond and grow. An active community is a solid foundation for communicating a good corporate image. It is no coincidence that Facebook provides a tool for measuring the response times of brands and companies to their customers’ questions. A strong interaction with your community is an important vector for broadcasting a company’s image.

Company presence on social networks

It is important to be present on social networks and have a good image there. Two indicators can give an idea of ​​how a company is present and perceived on social networks. The first is the mention of the company or brand on different networks. It is important to set up an effective monitoring system to know the contents of exchanges about you. You will know on which network your company is, on what topic and above all, in what words. If a dispute arises about a brand or product, for example, the sooner it is noticed, the easier it is to close. The second indicator is related to visitors to the company’s website directly from social networks. This makes it possible to determine the impact of a campaign on these different channels, determine its success and failure, and analyze the causes. Google Analytics specifically provides several tools to achieve this type of indicator.

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