Social media is now one of the essential levers for any brand looking to grow its community, notoriety and branding. Here are 4 tips that will allow you to maximize your exposure to social media to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Content first

There is no point in customizing your profile page if you don’t create quality content or it remains static for too long. In fact, the most common mistake is that you spend most of your time branding your page. This is certainly an important step in establishing your brand, but your community engagement will only start when you post relevant content. This is exactly what will pop up first in the news feeds of every platform, be it Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Above all, you should therefore take the time to post well-crafted, engaging content related to your activity, which will then encourage users to visit your brand profile. Reverse will only do very little to allow you to grow your community and engage your audience.

Also, always keep in mind that your readers may not always have time to read all your posts. Make it as simple as possible for them to bring out the essentials, and make them easily shareable by your fans. This can only increase the reach of your publications and bring you new readers.

Don’t buy your community

Developing your community is a long-term task. So you will definitely be tempted to grow it more quickly by buying fans or followers. This theory is very appealing because of the multitude of sites offering these types of offers. However, this new community can only be confusing in terms of engagement. In fact, these new followers will be of no interest to your company, and will not improve the conversation on your brand profile. You also run the risk of being penalized, especially on Facebook, where the EdgeRank algorithm will detect that a small percentage of your community interacts with your publications. This will automatically reduce the visibility of your posts to the flow of people who follow you and have genuine interest in your brand.

Focus your efforts on the most relevant platforms

When you want to develop a social media strategy, the key is not to think big, but to go deep. It is always better to develop your expertise and your credibility on a few platforms rather than working on many of them considering it’s very time consuming aspect.

You mainly need to focus on one or two platforms where your potential customers are. You will be able to better deploy your efforts on these to achieve the business objectives set for you. To find the platform best suited to your needs, there are several methods available to you: ask your customers which platforms they use, use the search functions on social media to find relevant communities or Configure the tool for alerts to identify keywords. This will allow you to get in touch with the right people and position your business on the social media most relevant to you.

Use analytics tools

Social media is no exception to the rule: the more relevant data you collect and analyze, the more able you will be to create an effective strategy to achieve your goals.

Google Analytics remains the easiest tool to use to measure your performance on social networks. Customize your UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) directly in the Google interface, with every link you share. This will allow you to trace all the data related to your publication, from the source used (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to the type of content posted, the number of clicks and of course the audience that reached your publication .

Google Analytics also offers a very interesting tool: Social Media Reports. These allow you to assess your company’s objectives and impact of social media on conversions through reports on conversion rates, user paths or the types of content your community shares the most.

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