Blogs have a reputation for making it possible to get rich without putting in too much effort. Just by posting a few posts which go viral and give you notoriety for eternity. Blogs appear as the Eldorado of the Net. Some have even become a reference on the current web. No wonder many people, whether casual or professional bloggers, want to use this line of business to earn money. What are the myths and realities of this field?

Before creating my blog, I absolutely must invest in training. Fake!

Some sites sell you dreams and promise you, in just a few days, mountains and wonders to make money thanks to your site and quick techniques.Before spending hundreds of dollars to make your blog look professional, think about the return on investment. Is the content of the training different from what is found on the net? Has the author managed to make money in any way other than setting up his training? Will there be a personal follow-up between the instructor and you? Before you begin, you need to ask yourself several questions. Success does not depend on the training but on your motivation and hard work.

I create a niche blog to increase my traffic. Right!

When you decide to start your own blog, you have two options: either you start a multi-disciplinary lifestyle blog that covers multiple topics to suit your day, or you can choose one. Go for niche blogs that don’t deal with just one topic. In the first case, you let your readers be drawn in and follow you through your personality, and at random. In the second case, your readers come to your blog triggered by the main topic that you reject. They become a potential audience that you can attract and retain by subscribing to your newsletters. Internet users will no longer come to your blog by chance, but to read the news they particularly like. You should choose a niche that you feel comfortable in and a topic that you can write a lot of articles on without losing your motivation.

If I blog on a hot topic I will make more money. Right!

Although some topics matter in terms of their place on the web, remember that your blog needs to drive traffic to its pages. Of all the options available, some themes are more popular among internet users than others. This is the case with everything that revolves around health and fitness, diet and sports equipment… Money and finance are also topics that challenge: how to make more money, build a business, pay less tax. To get suggestions etc. Along with friendship, romantic relationships are also very popular. However, beware of these promising topics. The competition is fierce and you will need to arm yourself with an original pen and fresh content to stand out from the web.

I can make money without pre-established strategy. Fake!

To professionalize yourself as a web entrepreneur and hope to make money with your blog, you, like any other project, must first write a business plan to accomplish the defined objectives. This frame will allow you to target your audience and understand the issues of the people you are addressing. Also find out if your blog is based on passing trends. This plan will allow you to realize different ways of monetizing your income. You also need to think about the SEO strategy to adopt and how you will grow and increase your traffic.

Lots of traffic equals lots of money? Fake!

Traffic is one of the pillars of your blog’s success. However, if your blog attracts many Internet users, it does not automatically mean that the business strategy is effective. To be successful in monetizing your pages, you must be successful in converting visitors into prospects and then into customers. It is not so much accumulated traffic that is important but the quality of your targeted traffic and its conversion rate.

I have to communicate at all costs. Right and Wrong!

If by this you mean spamming the comment space of other (influential) blogs, forget it! At the risk of being blacklisted by multiple bloggers. On the other hand, communication is essential on the web like in real life. So keep in touch with your blog. Interact with your visitors, reply to their comments. Integrate the blogging community by regularly reading and posting on other sites (that’s the whole difference with spam!) Transparency on your blog is essential so that you can inspire trust in your readers. You can leave basic information on the blog such as a photo, your email address, a short word of introduction.

The only way to make money through my blog are ad entries. Fake!

Installing an advertising banner on your blog whose product directly matches the needs of the Internet users you target and the topic of your blog is one of the simplest techniques. You earn money per click or number of views. However advertising is not the only solution to sell and monetize. Sponsored articles, affiliate links from business sites, link placement within articles and free products to test are also solutions to make your blog profitable.

I use web analytics platforms to learn about visitor behavior. Right!

A tool like Google Analytics allows you to analyze your blog traffic according to several criteria: number of unique visitors, page views, visit times and dates, traffic sources and search terms, referencing sites that send traffic, etc. These platforms provide you with content to analyze traffic, acquisitions, retention and conversions. In short, you can understand where people come from, how many are there, what keeps them on your blog and why. By analyzing this data you will learn how to improve the content of your pages and update your objectives.

I’m going to fill my pockets quickly! Fake!

Honestly, thinking about being able to earn a fortune in no time thanks to your blog is a bold, even arrogant bet. Reviews collected on the Internet show an average profit of 300 euros per month. That’s why you will be able to earn money but maybe you will need some time. Reality is often far away from the dream that we see.

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