No need to mislead yourself, having a website for a company, whatever its size, is essential. Your first instinct is to look at competing sites and this is a good idea. But you have to be original and so copy and paste is hardly an option.

Creating a website sounds childishly simple, but in order for the results to be optimal, you will need to have a well thought-out strategy in advance. Too often companies are forced to redo their websites or significantly increase the time and cost of its production. What action is to be taken?

Ask Yourself Essential Questions Beforehand

The first question to ask is: “What kind of site are you going to build?”. You need to determine the reason for which you want to build your website: e-commerce site, showcase of a commercial company, forum type content site or a blog. So building a resulting site with a well thought out strategy is essential to the success of your platform.

Define your goals

What are my goals? They should never be vague. You must work on specific objectives in terms of visitors, target prospects and new customers. They will allow you to set indicators to ensure that your website meets your expectations, but also to identify the features it needs to be efficient.

Тarget your audience

“Who is your site for? You need to think carefully about the audience you are targeting. For your customers? Are you going to offer them content related to your business and your products ? Or if you want to create a more general blog that will be addressed to the entire community you target? What topics will be covered and how you will be able to support your future sales? Is this a BTOC website in this case? If you are addressing consumers or this is a BTOB (business to business) website, in this case you are addressing professionals. You can also identify the categories of target Internet users (age group, professional categories, etc.). or even take into account geographic location or international markets.

Choose a host

You have to think about solving practical problems like choosing hosting for your site. Hosting may be provided with your internet access. If it is not, then choosing a website host will be necessary. You can directly compare different hosts on the internet and find out about their seriousness and reputation. Among the most famous, we can mention OVH, Gandi or 1&1.

Plan content in advance

Before you jump in, start by creating some content for your website beforehand. You will gain in effectiveness if you offer your target solid content from the start. Remember to segregate your content, create separate sections to categorize it, alternate between editorial content (writing articles related to your activity) and business content (product sheets, etc.), and finally, engage the reader. Don’t hesitate to do. To do this, look at the websites of companies in your area and note down sections that you find relevant. They will allow you to select the people you want to have on your site. Also don’t neglect the power of social networks and integrate them into your means of communication.

Make sure you have a good reference

Then you have to think about the means that will allow you to be well referenced and easily found by Internet users on search engines. Language SEO suitable for this problem. It is essential to integrate into your content keywords that increase traffic and improve the SEO of your site. There are 2 types of SEO. Free references (natural references) and paid references (see Google Adwords).

Provide Webmaster Support

You may need to hire a webmaster. This can include both the pre-launch phases of your site and those related to its maintenance. In the case of an e-commerce site, it is advisable to integrate it internally or among the founding team so that you have the skills on your side and be able to manage emergencies as well as future growth.

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