There is a very rich offer of invoicing software today. Some require the purchase of a license and must be installed on your computer, while others SAAS (Software as a Service) are available online. These allow access to billing service anywhere with an Internet connection and they range in price from free for the basic versions to a monthly subscription for the more complete versions.

An invoice is a document that should not be overlooked, even for auto-entrepreneurs. It constitutes a standardized contractual document and at the same time a communication medium that reflects the professionalism of its author. It is therefore essential that the self-employed, VSEs and SMEs take care of their invoices to have qualitative added value in the eyes of their customers.

Here are some tips to make the right choice of invoicing software in the current market.

Identify your needs

Each software offers different functionality, so it’s important to first clearly target your needs: services or goods sold? An invoicing Tool or an accounting Tool? Invoicing is often sufficient if you have a support accountant.

Check Price/Quality Ratio

After making an initial selection of online invoicing software that meets your needs, it’s important to take into account the service’s subscription price. The rate typically varies according to the number of users of the service, or the amount of invoices issued per month, so an attractive proposition in theory could be costly in the long run. Be warned, some free software imposes the appearance of their logo on your invoices, which is harmful promotion for your credibility with your customers. A payment solution is therefore more suitable, very accessible.

Consider the ergonomics of the software

So that every user can get to grips with the software quickly, it is better to opt for a simple, intuitive and ergonomic interface. Invoicing software has long been the prerogative of the accountants who use it (or the IT specialists who create it), overly complex, inaccessible without adequate training, and designed with an archaic interface. In these days, they’ve gotten into ergonomics: no need to configure for hours. It only takes a few minutes to edit an invoice template or send your first quote by email. To help you with your first steps, it’s better to choose software that provides videos (tutorials) to get you started or FAQs to answer all your possible questions.

Personalization, an essential feature

To be able to create an effective commercial document, it is essential that invoicing software allows you to personalize your invoices. For example, it is essential that you have the possibility to add your logo, a promotional offer or a layout in your colors to create an invoice in your image so that they can be a communication medium in their own right.

Give Access to Your Chartered Accountant

To facilitate your relationship with your chartered accountant, it is better that the latter has access to your data. Thus he can import your sales journal (if possible, with your configurable analytical code) into his production equipment. More efficient and faster in its work, it will thank you!

Opt for available and responsive customer service

A good invoicing software should provide an efficient, available and above all responsive customer service, i.e. be able to answer all your queries expeditiously. Better to be able to trust an active service provider!

Access your data anywhere

Being a nomad, it is important that you can access your billing service anywhere on your computer, tablet or even mobile. You won’t miss any more business: even on ski vacation, you can respond to a customer’s request and invoice it from the chairlift!

Test to choose the best

There’s nothing better than trying it out free for a few days to make sure the software you choose fits your needs. Most of the online solutions give you a trial period which ranges from 15 to 30 days.

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